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Sim swap farce

2: Seeker
Hi, I'm having immense trouble with a sim swap since receiving an upgrade last week.

I received a new SIM with the upgrade and completed the online SIM swap form on Saturday the 11th of March. By Monday it hadn't gone through and I received a text saying there was a problem with my account preventing the SIM swap from working and I should call Vodafone to discuss.

I have since called on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and again today and it's just the same script read out with someone asking me for the SIM card code and telling me it will be activated within 24 hours. I've been sent an additional SIM card but no luck with that.

No one has any idea what the texts saying I have a problem with my account which I have now received multiple times actually mean. Just seems to confuse them when I mention it and they want to run through the same activation procedure that never works again.

I have no idea what more I can do other than now exercise my right to cancel and move to another provider.
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17: Community Champion

Hello @Andysimm



I appreciate why you would be frustrated with this. 


Do you have a Vodafone Store you can get to as they maybe able to sort this for you. 


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16: Advanced member
Best option is to pop into a Vodafone store and ask them to do the SIM swap for you.

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2: Seeker
Hi thanks for the quick response.

To be honest I don't want to drive into town on my weekend to sort this out in the store. I also note from the recent similar SIM swap nightmare thread on here that all the store appear to do is complete the online form for you. Reading that story does put me off going into the store.

I'm looking into cancelling now its beyond a joke how poor technical support is. Once you manage to get past davina and you can't use the words SIM swap as she extremely annoyingly points you to the web form you have the same conversation over and over again with someone convinced he has fixed your problem.

I think this experience is actually worse than virgin media which is impressive.
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17: Community Champion

Of course it's up to you in regards visiting a Vodafone Store. Thry process the sim swap for you. 


And of course it's your choice to opt for the 30 day cooling off period. 


Perhaps let the Vodafone Tech Teams here on the Community Forum catch up with your thread to see if thry can offer further help.  


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@Andysimm Ultimately the quickest option for yourself would be to visit your nearest Vodafone store.


If you don't wish to do this, our team would be able to assist you. 


Please follow the instructions on the private message I've sent, with details on how to get in touch. :smileyhappy:

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