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Pay monthly

Social Pass - Question

2: Seeker



I currently have a Social Pass active on my Vodafone Pay Monthly account.

On the website, it states that "Facebook" is included within the Social Pass.


Does this mean Messanger, an app by Facebook is included?

If so, does this mean I can video call on Messanger without worrying about my data being used?

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17: Community Champion

Hi @Finners


Unfortunately not.  If you refer to this link Vodafone Passes you will see that Passes do not include application subscriptions.


If you are going to be video calling, use a WiFi connection, making sure you turn OFF your mobile data first to avoid any bill shock or try Skype or an alternative application.

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2: Seeker



I've been told by 3 tech agents that it is.

Just wanted to confirm.



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@Finners Facebook Messenger isn't included in your Vodafone Social Pass, but it's available in the Vodafone Chat Pass. Calls made via Facebook Messenger wouldn't be covered and therefore would use your data allowance, even if you did have the other pass. 

I hope that clears things up, but if you did still have any further questions, just pop us a post back 😊

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