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Split port can’t receive calls or txts from EE (week 3)

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

Good morning, I have tried every other avenue to get this resolved but I have had no joy. 

long story short moved from an EE third party ( to Vodafone but I still had to use the partner to prevent massive termination costs.

Port all went through on the day and everything appeared fine until my partner tried to call me that is on EE, since then I have realised it’s every EE number that’s tries to call me. Partner are saying and have been saying for the last 3 weeks that they are waiting for Vodafone to fix the porting issue. Vodafone won’t let me speak to them directly 

please can somebody but me in contact with the porting team as I have now waited 3 weeks and they only reply I get is it’s been looked into. I have tried calling 191 and they won’t speak to me. 

any help would be appreciated 

Kind regards



@dgill2304 We are unable to DM over this platform, however if you reach out to our social channels as Mark suggested and advise you've been told to contact from Community, we can then pick up your conversation and take a closer look over your account. 

I have tried this, spoke to someone called Racheal who advised me to call 191 to get it resolved and when I called they just told me they can't help. I just need someone to help as this sounds like it can be resolved pretty quickly. Thanks David


Thanks for sharing this @dgill2304 sorry to hear the trouble you're facing obtaining a resolution. Our Porting Team can be contacted on 03333040191. We are able to assist with mobile porting queries over our Social Media Channels, I apologise you've been advised otherwise. Sorry, however we cannot assist with account related queries via this platform, if you reach out to us again via Social Media Team here, we will be able to help. 

Thanks for your reply, however this just isn't the case. Thank you