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Stop a PAC code being used to port a phone number!

3: Seeker

Hi there,

I recently purchased a pay monthly phone contract from a third party reseller after requesting a PAC code from Vodafone. I provided this PAC code to the third party reseller to transfer my number. However, after placing my order I found out that they would not be able to ship the order due to no stock so I asked for the order to be cancelled, which they did and I received a cancellation email.

Over the weekend, I found a great Black Friday upgrade deal with Vodafone so I upgraded my contract.

Now, today, I got an email from the third party that they've shipped the phone!!! This was 4 days after they confirmed they had cancelled the order!!!

My worry now is that they have the PAC code and will attempt to port my number - a customer service rep at Vodafone has informed me that a port hasn't been attempted yet. I have two questions:

1. Does upgrading my contract wipe/invalidate the older PAC code?

2. Can this PAC code be urgently invalidated by Vodafone customer care themselves?

Thanks a lot for your help!





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17: Community Champion

Hi @felixb 


This is a difficult one for sure, and upgrading won't stop the third party from using the PAC, once the process has been started it will be impossible to stop leaving your upgrade cancelled.


The third party should help.  However, as this is important speak to the Social Team here with a link to the thread, they will be the ones to give the best possible advise and solution :Contact the Social Team 

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3: Seeker

Hi @AnnS thank you for responding. I did some more research and on the original PAC email I had received from Vodafone, there was a way to check the PAC within my online MyVodafone account under "Mobile Switching".

So, I navigated to mobile switching and was able to see my current PAC active for 25 more days!!! There was an option to "Cancel Code" so I immediately clicked that and now I can no longer see an active PAC code in my account under mobile switching. When I clicked it, I got a message on the page saying "Thank you for choosing to stay with us".

I'm assuming that has cancelled the code? I will call Vodafone first thing to check if that's the case but I don't think the third party had initiated the transfer as I spoke to them a couple hours ago on which they said they hadn't and their offices are now closed.

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16: Advanced member

You should be OK as you've now cancelled the code.

A friend of mine recently ported across to EE and had entered the PAC code as part of the order journey.

But they basically said that he'd still need to activate the phone and make a chargeable code for the port process to begin. 

So assume that'd be the same on your order. The port would not be triggered until you activated that line. As you've not done so and as you've also cancelled the code. You should be fine. 

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3: Seeker

Thank you! I didn’t receive the phone as I’d been able to instruct the courier to send it back so hopefully that should be ok. Vodafone customer care also mentioned that they had not received any port requests and subsequently the code was cancelled.

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