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Pay monthly

Switching to Vodafone.

2: Seeker

Hi, I am wondering if Vodafone give the option of buying out the remaining months of my contract with O2 to switch over to Vodafone services. I am interested in the new Google Pixel 6, but currently on a contract with O2, whom I have not been impressed with very much.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @finlayhorsfall 


Quite sure you won't find any mobile network willing to pay early termination charges to a previous provider.


Your options here are will be to cancel your O2 contract and port the number into Vodafone, this will mean paying early termination charges or take out an additional line with Vodafone with a different number.


You could also consider selling your O2 phone to recoup some of the termination charges.


See here for Vodafone Evo plans: Vodafone Evo 



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