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Text charge from the UK to Cuba cellphone

2: Seeker

Can someone please confirm the text charge from the UK to a Cuban cellphone. I have searched the website but cannot find anything. 

Also, has anyone experienced billing reporting more text messages than sent 

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17: Community Champion

Hi @joannaw 


The problem you are going to have here is, unless things have changed Vodafone do not have an agreement with Cuba.,this means you will be unable to call or text a number in Cuba.  The reason for this is because the state company in Cuba has blocked all international incoming text messages.


The charge for sending an international text message is 35p per text.  Please see this link for further information.

Calling and Texting abroad from the UK


As far as being charged for more text than sent, this is somthing where live chat or Customer Services will be able to clarify and find the reason for the extra charges.




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2: Seeker

THanks for the response. While it is true it is not possible to call a Cuban phone from the UK text messages do work

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9: Established

The standard cost for an International SMS is 35p, regardless of the country, as stated here :


With regard to the multiple text issue, the International SMS definition says that an SMS can only have up to 160 characters. If you send a message longer than that, some phones will send it as two seperate messages, resulting in the Billing Service showing two messages sent instead of one. When the messages are recieved, the receiver's phone will recombine the two messages into one longer message.


Hope this helps!

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2: Seeker

@stonefences - thank you very much for the response that makes sense and is clear  

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