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Pay monthly

Text messages from wrong number

4: Newbie


I just changed my PAYG account for a new phone on contract. Everything went well but the txt messages are coming from the temp number not mine?  Also I no longer see my phone in my account online and I'm unable to log into "My Vodafone" on the app to change settings? Any ideas guys??  Phone is a Samsung A51

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17: Community Champion

Hi @JennyB 


With you using a  Samsung phone the phone is using memory from the first number. Try sending the text as a new message and not as part of an original conversation. 


As far as your application is concerned, you will be to delete all traces from the phone and download a fresh copy for the number change.  As the application goes by the online account you will also need to set up a new online account for the change from PAYG to pay monthly and number change.


If you still have problems you will be looking at doing a factory reset to clear the phone of all previous stored memory. 


If you need further help please see this link: Contact Us 

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17: Community Champion

Hi @JennyB  if it's an iPhone have a look in settings, phone, my number and check the correct number is stored there

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