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Travelling Abroad info Page

16: Advanced member

On Travelling Abroad page, United States does not appear, and instead United Kingdom is there.

See attached ScreenShot

Travelling Abroad.JPG

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16: Advanced member

Just thought will try more options and hey presto it appears under USA.

But not sure if anyone would consider that.

I can see why it is not on the face for 'U', but no scroll options as would have been after Uruguay.

Same th case for 'US', as it shows all countries that has 'US' in it.

So unless you typed 'USA' you don't see it.


Poor design in my opinion.

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13: Advanced Member

or just keep typing and it appears when you get to UNI

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It's a valid point, thanks for taking the time to highlight it @Getafix 🙂

I've passed your feedback on so they're able to look into this and potentially change it if they see fit. 

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