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Trying get hold of Amy maclean

3: Seeker
I've been trying to get hold of Amy maclean since end last month (February) no one seems to be able to locate her so can anyone here help me? She was meant to give me a call back but never did. It's very important
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16: Advanced member

No one will track her for you.


If you can elaborate on why you need to speak to Amy, the community could guide you. The Forum team also could help you if it is Account Specific.

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3: Seeker
It's regards a complaint which Amy is key too! I have been told so many things by so many different people it's becoming a joke now. The advisors know she works there but say they just can not get hold of her, even tho I was told yesterday it's quite an easy thing to do! Anyway I find it very strange they can't, being as I got connected over to her quite easily in the call in question ?! I thought I'd try here myself as no one is actually doing anything productive and I keep going round in circles.
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17: Community Champion

Hi @ccherry040


You would get a better response from the Team here is you gave a brief description of your issue.  That way there would be something to go on.

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3: Seeker
Oki doki, I got offered some compensation, three amounts all which I declined I then got passed over to Amy who offered me a bigger amount in which I wanted to think about, and as I was getting advice over the matter too I wanted to have a chat with them 1st. She said she would call me in a couple days which she never did so I in turn called in, she told me she would leave notes in case I had called in earlier than she called me, so to my shock when I said I excepted the offer, I was told it was one of the lower amounts, I explained the situation to be told no notes had been left, and that's all they were offering, I always ask for calls to be recoreded and did so on the original one in which I was told it was! So I said to go and listen to the call and they would hear it all, and so it all began I have been on the phone non stop being told different things by different people and none of which being able to locate Amy. Eventually the 1st half of the call was found but when it got passed to Amy speaking they can't find her to find that bit. I was told a manager would be able to get her (something) number so that then they can log in through hers and get her calls that way, but again I then got told no they haven't been able too. Live chat was going to pass me over to her yesterday but she wasn't online so got put through to someone who then said no way can we pass you over !? Amy told me she was one of highest up I could go and this is all pretty appalling. I'm just trying anything to find her myself as not having much luck leaving it to advisors. I do find it all very strange and a man on the phone yesterday actaully said it was quite easy to get hold of Amy through a messenger ?!?! I asked him do so but he said he couldn't as complaints been escalated. It worris me as it's been nearly 4 weeks and I got told all calls get deleted after 60 days.
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I'm sorry to hear about this.


I've sent you a private message on how to get in touch with us. We'll be happy to look into this.

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