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URGENT resolution need on credit score issue - mortgage prospects destroyed by their mistake

2: Seeker

This week i applied for a mortgage and have been declined and it is Vodafone’s own mistake that caused the issue on my credit report. I intend to take this to court if necessary to settle but obviously it would be useful if we don’t need to go that far. Vodafone’s service so far in address this is a disgrace - I’ve been on hold for 6 hours over the last couple of days, being passed from person to person. Finally started speaking to a customer relations agent yesterday who said he would send me his details so I could attach an email relevant to this case. Of course he hasn’t sent the email. Is this deliberate strategy to wear down complaining customers?



Back in March I decided to switch from O2 to Vodafone. The Sim was supposed to be active on what turned out to be the day of lockdown. However, O2 had locked my phone on purchase a couple of years previously and I was unable to contact them over the coming weeks due to lack of staff availability. No problem I thought: I had a work mobile and access to my WhatsApp on my personal phone via WiFi. I had received an email saying that pay monthly customers would have a direct debit set up for them and that Vodafone would be in touch when that was done. So I thought nothing more of it and received no emails (all communication had been via email so far). My intention was to sort out my phone when lockdown eased instead of wasting time with o2, being kept in queues.


in early June I receive an email from a debt collection agency. I call up Vodafone immediately to clear the debt and angrily ask why my direct debit hadn’t been set up as per the email. They said they had been trying to contact me by phone and I explained the problem. I also asked the agent whether this would affect my credit score. He said no so I let this go.


In the past week I applied for a mortgage and was turned down. I have never had any credit issues in my life - I’m as close to a secure credit as one gets. And it was down to two missed payments with Vodafone. I’ve been on the phone for 6-7 hours the past couple of days trying to sort this out but always being passed around and now  an agent didn’t send the email he said he was going to. Disgraceful, utterly disgraceful. As I note above I will take this to court if not resolved. But happy to try this route first. As noted above, I have an email that says a direct debit would be set up AND was assured my credit rating would be struck down so it is clear Vodafone are in the wrong. 



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Hi @Jss72 👋 I'm sure we'll be able to get this sorted! As we'll need access to your account to do this, we'll be unable to do this through a public forum such as our Community. Pop us a private message on Facebook or Twitter with a link to this thread and one of the Credit File experts in our Social Media team will pick this up for you.

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