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Unable to make outbound calls

2: Seeker

Every time I try to call someone it says ‘connections to this number is restricted’. I don’t understand why this has all of a sudden started happening?  I can receive calls ok? 

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17: Community Champion

If you haven't yet please contact customer services via phone or Live Chat for them to check your account @Laura19 

The Vodafone Social Media Team's via Twitter DM or Facebook Messenger can access your account too.


Link back to your thread here including your forum username so your not having to repeat yourself.

Also as a process of elimination try your sim card in another phone.

Current Phone >

Samsung Z Fold³ 5G.

Previous Phone >

Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G - SM9860.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @Laura19 


There is an outgoing restriction on your account.  The usual reasons are an unpaid bill or unusual activity or high spend.


The is going to need account access, live chat will be the quickest option now with Customer Services being unavailable until tomorrow morning.  You can speak to the Social Team here: Contact Us 

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