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Unable to receive SMS when abroad (Monthly Contract)

2: Seeker

Hi everyone,


I am currently abroad in the EU for an undefined period of time due to the current Covid19 crisis.

My current contract is Unlimited Data Max since October/November (can't exactly remember).

Before that, I used to receive SMS for Multi-Factor Authentication with no problem, even when abroad with no data on.


After I switched to the Unlimited Data Max plan, I am unable to receive SMS whilst being abroad, whether in the EU, Asia or US. 


I have checked my APN settings, and I set them up according to this: Vodafone Guide 


Additionally, I am unable to use the chat as it says "Loading, please wait" indefinitely 



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2: Seeker

Addendum: I am also able to make phone calls whilst being abroad, to the UK and to French numbers, but I can't receive SMS texts

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17: Community Champion

Hi @victornoctex 


I am wondering if this is anything to do with roaming for an extended period.


The best way to get this solved and to provide the necessary account access is to follow this link and let the Social Media Team help:  Contact Us 

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