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2: Seeker


I've less than 30 days of my contract left but vodafone only seem to offer me a new phone, which I don't want, since I have been sim only for years. The app only suggests I can actually change my plan once my contract is up, but then I'll also lose the paid services I have access to, which I would rather avoid. 

I tried using live chat and it was painful. 



I've been with vodafone for over 10 years and I've never had this kind of issue effectively extending into a new contract. 


Any ideas? 

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17: Community Champion

Hi @AaronB2015 


Before being able to upgrade Vodafone will ask you to wait until you are at the end of your present contract, this will also put you in a good bargaining position when contacting Customer Services.   Vodafone would have sent you a text notification notifying you when the contracts ends detailing all your options, this would have included also looking at third party options where you would be able to transfer your number to the new contract.


When the contract ends it will continue as before on a month to month basis with the same services and paid extras you have access to these won't change or end


The SIM only contracts Vodafone offer are here SIM only , you will also have price plans tailored to your needs on the Application.


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2: Seeker

The services will end, e.g. spotify premium, because they've already told me they will and they will be no longer included in the contract and will be charged as extras. 


I did look at the sim only options, but again, it says I have to wait till my contract is actually up before doing so. I can only imagine that my previous deal so pretty good and vodafone simply don't offer anything like that now, without a significant bump in price. 

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4: Newbie

I am in a similar situation and will be away in the EU when my contract ends. My current plan includes EU roaming.


If I let the contract run on without cancelling or renewing, I understand that my Spotify subscription will end but my calls, data and messages allowance will contain. But what about EU roaming ? As this is included in my current agreement will it continue being included after the 24 month minimum term has ended ?


Thanks !

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