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Upgrade shambles

4: Newbie

Has anyone else tried to upgrade this week?


It was all perfectly fine when I went through the online process, and received an email that the order was in store for collection. The store have been great in the past, but the manager seems to have moved on, and been replaced by someone who isn't really interested.


Anyway, he claimed their systems have been down for days, and they were unable to give out upgrades. In fact, lucky me, I was the 4th person he had turned away. I asked him to contact customer services for a date for resolution, but he couldn't be bothered.


Came home, rang CS to cancel upgrade and put 30 days notice on and got someone who told me I'd have to collect the upgrade in order to return it - HOW??!!


Emailed the Director's Office to ask for termination of contract, which seems to be the only way to get anything done these days.


After 22 years, I think its time to throw in the towel with Vodafone, I may as well be paying £10 a month with GiffGaff, I'll at least get decent CS there.

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17: Community Champion

It's a shame that the recent experiences at the Vodafone Highstreet Store and employee there has led you to lose faith in the network and opted to cancel your Vodafone Contract @limesmoothie

Please note > Giving 30 days notice will lose you your mobile number.

If you want to keep your number then ask for a Pac and use that by giving it to Giffgaff. 

I assume you've checked they'll give you adequate signal and data speeds where you Live, commute and work by using one of their sim cards.

Please don't rely on network checkers. 

Also please leave your direct debit in place until you get your final bill in 2 to 4 weeks followed by a Sorry your leaving letter and £0 bill. 

If you change your mind then you can stop the 30 days notice and maybe upgrade online or via Live Chat or 191 and choose the Click and Colect option to collect your phone in a local store or have one delivered to you. 

However you wish to continue I wish you all the best. 

Current Phone > Samsung Note 9 _512Gb > Model: SM-N960 Hybrid-Duos.

Samsung One Ui  / Pie.


Samsung Gear s3 Frontier Watch.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @limesmoothie


That certainly does not sound right, I find this unbelievable, this means the store would be unable to conduct any business or make any sales.


This certainly needs further investigation from the Team here on the forum, they will be in a good position to find out what has happened to your upgrade and why the Manager of this store is turning away customers telling them the store systems have been down for 4 days.


As far as cancelling is concerned, if the phone is not collected from the store within 7 days, the upgrade will be returned and automatically cancelled with your account being reverted back to the tariff pre upgrade. There is further information for you here:  When and how do I collect my order from a store?


If you are planning on going to GiffGaff, they do not have a Customer Service channel, everything is done online and through the Community.  That is how they keep prices down, it's basically O2 at a discount.


The Team here will get this solved for you but with tomorrow being Friday, you may not get it finalised before the beginning of next week.

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4: Newbie

Just on the topic of Vodafone High Street stores.... I honestly do not see why the exist.  They have very little knowledge and can never offer the same deals if you happen to get a clued up Vodafone Rep on the phone.

Anytime that I have been in a store for a issue or query, I reckon I knew more than they did.

The stores are good for two things, one is to touch and feel various on display handsets and the other is to possibly get a replacement SIM card....apart from that, I'd close the lot of them...however Vodafone would need to get a REAL grip of their online CS staff.

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@limesmoothie I'm sorry to hear that you had this experience when you visited our store.

We'll certainly be able to investigate why this happened and feed back any comments you'd like to raise regarding your visit. This will help us to ensure our future customer service improves. So we can do this, please follow the details that will be sent in the private message you should receive shortly.

Please be aware that as the order was sent to store, should you still wish to cancel this it would need to be returned to one of our stores after collecting. You can find more on this process on our returns page.

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