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Pay monthly

Upgrade sold under false pretense

2: Seeker

I have been a loyal customer to you for 8 years. I was due an upgrade this month so I wasn't surprised to receive a call from Vodafone to organise this. I had 2 conversations with the same Vodafone employee on consecutive days. He offered me my new handset in the new contract and assured me that my monthly payments would not increase due to me being a valued customer.

I double checked with him that I would not have any extra charges involved because at present I have had to move in with family and am unemployed, so I could not afford anything more than I was already paying.

He assured me that the only extra I would be charged for would be the delivery charge of approx £10. 

So after 2 conversations and making sure this would be the case I agreed.

However, 2 weeks later I have recieved my latest bill which is 3 times the amount that I agreed. Mostly comprising £120 for a "one off fee".

I obviously called to speak to an advisor about this. He assured me that the chap who sold me this upgrade failed to tell me that the handset would cost me £120 up front plus however much for an "early uograde"!

If I had been aware of this then under my present financial situation I would NEVER have agreed!  Never!

The agent I spoke to reassured me that this had been totally wrong and that he would listen to the phone conversation to see what had happened and then call me back within 3 hours. 

I stayed at home all day stressing but recieved no call. The following day (this morning) I called back to see what was happening. A different person told me he had spoken to the chap looking into my case and that he would definitely call me within 4 hours....

Again... I have recieved no call.

I had issues with you about 4 years ago which dragged on for 6 months and the only time I got any kind of coherent attention is when I contacted the obundsman.

I am now believing that, due to being ignored in this matter, I will have to contact them yet again.

It is not fair at all that I can stress my situation so clearly,  and yet Vodafone employees still take advantage by being blatantly deceitful. 

Life is hard enough as it is without multi billion £ companies taking those with very little for whatever they can!

This has caused me so much upset again, and the whole time Vodafone are sounding so nice and helpful and apologetic, only to fob me off yet again so I have to keep going thru this process. 

As a company you should be ashamed of yourselves. It's one thing to have a dodgy employee. It's entirely another to ignore a loyal customer to the point that I'm having to consider legal proceedings yet again.

I sincerely hope to hear from Vodafone representative who has a decent amount of morals and backing to be able to remedy this unfortunate situation 

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17: Community Champion

I agree it is crucial that everything is explained fully by the agent when performing an upgrade so that the account holder knows what is happening and can make an informed decision to proceed or not.


Unfortunately not all calls are recorded and ones that have been are typically retained for only 60 days. 


It's important as a person only has 14 days as a cooling off period.


On completing the process Vodafone should have emailed you the particulars of the new upgrade so that you can double check that to what's been agreed.


It's unprofessional of the Vodafone Agent to not get back to you @NatalieElliott 


If this was my situation I'd.......


》 Check my email boxes including any Spam email in boxes for any correspondence.


》 Contact the Vodafone Social Media Teams via Contact-us-for-account-specific-queries. 


》 Consider asking for a SAR which is a report on what Vodafone hold on you including account notes.  > Guidance Notes for SAR. 


》 Raise a complaint via Complaints. 


》 If after 8 weeks Vodafone hadn't resolved this amicably then ask for a Deadlock Letter and go to the Communication Omsbudsman to ask them to arbitrate on my behalf.


Hopefully it won't need to reach that level and the Vodafone Social Media Teams help resolve this for you.

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