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Upgrades on a 36 month contract

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Hi all, coming to here as I cannot find the information which I would like on the Vodafone site.


Currently have a variation of a iPhone 12 and want to change it to a iPhone 13. Currently on the annual upgrade promise and can trade in the phone for around £600 and my early termination fee is only around £630 which I am ok with. I am not quite at 12 months into this contract as last year I believe Apple delayed the release of the 12’s due to Covid.

Here is what I would like to know:  If I was to take the iPhone 13 deal and set the contract length to 36 months, what is it like to upgrade after 12 months? Would I be locked in for the full duration or would I be in a similar position as I am now where I just pay the early upgrade fee for around a similar value to the phone?


I cannot find the answer to this anywhere on the site and would appreciate any help and guidance, cheers.



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Hi @Jonnoh, we have a specialist team set up on the social media channels who can take a look at your account including your current contract and advise how the new contract would look moving forward if you decided to change. If you drop us a message, the team will be happy to help before you decide to upgrade. You can find the Twitter or Facebook details here 🙂

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