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Upgrading to 12 month sim only. Will I need a new sim?

3: Seeker


I'm eligible for upgrade and decided on a 12months sim only.
Now, I have looked for answers however, the information is conflicting. The general consensus is that you don't need a new sim and it transfers seamlessly to your current sim, which, I need, as I'm away for six weeks this Sunday.
What's really throwing me is, on the checkout screen it's confirming my delivery address and stating 2-3 working days delivery! Is that just a formality on the website or do I, for some reason, specifically need a new sim?

Advice would be greatly appreciated


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17: Community Champion

Hi @edsterj 


You need to upgrade through your online account or application, not the main  website.  You are only changing your tariff and continue to use the same SIM card.  


edited to add:  The new tariff will start at midnight, you will get an email confirmation and see the upgraded tariff on your online account and application.   As this will be a contract change, the following months bill will be proratered and you will receive a credit for line rental paid in advance prior to the tariff change.

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17: Community Champion

I've done it.   It is indeed seamless.

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