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I recently had a problem with fraud on my account, I was trying to upgrade on an offer that I was emailed saying I could upgrade 6 months early without a fee. With the current issue with fraud they are saying it could take up to a week to sort my account. However by this time the deal will have ended. Will I be offered the same deal for a longer period due to these circumstances? 


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Did the agent say it was a time limited offer? 

You could ask them to add relevant notes to your account about the offer. 

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17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Hi @Harrietmunday


The upgrade 6 months early can be a little misleading and you need to make sure it's not a flexi upgrade Vodafone are offering where you would need to pay an early upgrade charge on a monthly basis until your existing contract reaches it's minimum term.


If Vodafone are letting you upgrade early without an early upgrade charge, the remaining time left on the contract would added on to the new contract at the new rate, this is going to make it a long time before you are able to upgrade again.


If you check your online account or the My Vodafone Application you will be able to see your upgrade and contract end date, the 6 months early may only be your upgrade date and you still have around 2 months to go before your contract end date.  


Further information for you below.


Flexi Upgrades

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16: Advanced member

I mamanged to do a flexi-upgrade after having my then phone for 6 months, with no fee - it all depends on the value of the handset you have at the time. Mine was a Vodafone V8, so not a very expensive one (but still decent) and I just started a new 24 month contract with my new phone from that date.

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