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Pay monthly

Utterly useless app and customer service provider.

2: Seeker

The app is the jankiest programme running, eats up processing power, the back button returns you to the home page, making sifting through upgrade options rather tedious.

Then I find I can't find any information about my long term customer discount I've had forever.

So I open the chat, have a natter with some bot that gets the wrong end of the stick. Then I sit patiently waiting as the human I finally get is typing out some essay. Only "Nancy" isn't.. the app has just glitched leaving the typing symbol up. 

So I lose my manners and just cut to the chase, give Nancy all the information I can give her about exactly what I want to buy, and what I need to know.

AN HOUR AND A HALF LATER, the app freezes. I can scroll through the whole conversation, but lord can I reply to her and confirm anything.

Well Nancy, frankly you were a pain in my behind (took three attempts to find out about my long term discount, which I guess I'm not getting).

I want my time back, I'm an apprentice, I work 56 hours a week, practice at least 6 hours a week and study in the gaps where I'm not sleeping or talking to some incompetent copy and paster!

They missed the episode in "Mindhunter" where the culprit loses the plot over customer services.


Anyway. Good evening all.

Except whoever designed this pathetic app. To the dogs with your evening.

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If resetting your app doesn't improve things for you @Jimmyhilluk, please send us a message on Facebook or Twitter and our team will be able to resolve any issues you're having with the app. Please include your Community username and link to your post.

Is it just the My Vodafone app you're experiencing speed with and is this when using Wi-Fi or mobile data?

To reset the app, all you need to do is follow these steps:

  • Click the Settings button and tap App Settings
  • Go to Reset the app and select Reset
  • You'll then need to log in the app again

If reaching out to our team, please be aware we wouldn't be able to discuss any upgrade deals with you. Our dedicated Upgrade teams will be happy to help find something that matches what you're looking for. You can contact them directly when calling 191 or through Live Chat.

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