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VF keeps sending me bill emails for an employee who left company a year ago - data breach?

2: Seeker

Hi group


Does anyone know how to stop VF sending emailed bills? The user involved left the company over a year ago taking her connection back into personal ownership, so we have no access to it anyway.  I relinquished responsibility for the company mobile phone bills over a year ago. So I have no means to access any company accounts or the user's personal account.


I have tried for all this time to stop VF sending me her bills - endless phone calls, online chats etc. They insist I have to pass security to discuss or action anything, which of course is impossible and nonsense. I have registered a formal complaint as disclosing the amount of a user's bills to a third party (me) is probably a breach of data security under GDPR. 


No answers, no useful action. Most recent suggestion was to visit a VF store - which as I live in rural countryside, I have no intention of doing.


A simple email address would help - they keep all of those secret!







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2: Seeker

and even then, the post removed the attachment!


@maestroarts We'd need to have a look into the account to get a better understanding of why these bills are still coming through. So we're able to do this, please get in touch using the information in my private message

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