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Vodafone APP

2: Seeker

Hello, My Vodafone app is working on all 4 phones and shows correct data usage and bills etc. But when trying to view a bill it wants you to create a pin or login with your exisiting PIN which I know as this works online under my account setting.

When I click on the link and then try to log into My Account using my username and password followed my 4 digit PIN I keep getting an error "We're experiencing a few technical difficulties at the moment and we couldn't log you in, try again and starts counting down from 10 seconds. 

Give you the option to Retry, or Nevermind


This has been happening for a two months so doubt trying again later is the answer. Can anyone help? 
Before anyone support team say's uninstal the APP clear out backup and cache, it's nothing to do with that whatsoever. Two brandnew Note 9 phones had this installed and logged into using the DATA first to register you and then shows you your number on your account befor you can use Wi-Fi at home.


I can log into my Vodafone on IE & Google FINE so it's not my username or password that's incorrect. If I type them incorrect on purpose I get login details incorrect. 

I had this issue over 12-18 months ago and this had to be escalated to back office team to FIX my profile, still waiting for this to happen.

So it's nothing to do with the phones it's the account profile itself, not allowing me in after entering my PIN, also the fact I explained this to customer service so so many times they changed my password 3 times which TOLD them not too because nothing to do with password evern though I had to login online using the temporary password it still didn't work, I even done this on the app as it asked to changed your password.

Anyway after you enter your PIN that's the problem from there, I know many others had the same issue and been asked to remove cache, reset phone "WHY"? and delete backup data this is not the case.


Please can someone from Vidafone Team "Back Office" look into the account and reset it all again as last time this resolved the issue been waiting 2 months now and not able to pay bills using phone app

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17: Community Champion

Hi @leophoenix  you will need to contact Vodafone via their Facebook or Twitter social media pages for help with this, no account access here anymore so they ask customers to use those channels. 

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2: Seeker

I have had this exact same problem for the last 5 months since I joined Vodafone. It seems no one can or wants to fix it. I have had people as high as the directors office looking into this for me, I have had new SIM cards, tried in different phones and had my inline account deleted and set up from scratch 3 times now and it's still no use. They have now resorted to saying they don't know what's wrong and told me I would be getting a deadlock letter (which incidentally never arrived). They also resorted to telling me that T&C's say there's no guarantee of being able to use the app so I should make do with using the website to access my account. It's just a shame that whilst my account does work on the website, it is slow frequently provides errors preventing me from using anything and is generally not fit for purpose. I'm sure they'll be happy to apply fines and warnings if I can't get on there to pay my bills on time. 

I'm sure a company with the resources such as these lot have should be able to investigate and fix fairly easily but I assume that no one can really be bothered. My emails are going ignored now. If it weren't for the fact that Vodafone is the only network with a decent signal in the pub I live and work in I'd be off to another network in a flash. I have never in my life experiences such poor customer service in my life. 

If anyone here knows a fix feel free to pass it along :Smiling:

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Hey @SamConnelly11 - it's strange that your Vodafone app has never worked correctly. We'd love to help get you up and running!

So one of our team can take a closer look into this for you, please get in touch via Facebook, or contact us on Twitter. You can find more information on doing this here.

Please provide a link to this thread, along with your username; so you won't have to explain yourself again. 

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