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Vodafone Broadband - Router Wireless Device Limit / Problems

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1: Seeker

I have some issues with the vodafone router to.

I need to connect multiple PCs to the router, im using a switch to connect the PCs.

With 4 PCs there is no problem, but when connecting the 5., there is no connection to the PC possible.


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@GoaHead For further support with this, please contact our dedicated Broadband team on Live Chat

They'll be the best people to advise you further with this 🙂

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2: Seeker

I have the same problem with wireless on the vf router but I have a tp link powerline adaptor running of it on it’s on network giving me perfect WiFi so I have turned vf WiFi off and I am connecting everything Via the tp link

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3: Seeker

Vodafone router (aka Huawei HHG2500) is an ABSOLUTE RUBBISH! It can't handle more demanding Wifi connections and worse it is terrible in handling wired LAN connection. I tried to connect my NAS directly to it and my computer over the wired connection but the transfer speeds are fraction of what I had on my very old Netgear R7000 and on the top of it it is almost impossible to transfer any larger volume of data as it will for sure drop the connection before the transfer will be done. The best solution would be if Vodafone would let advanced users to use their own routers (even in exchange of giving up option to use their technical support). For now the best is to let Vodafone handle only the Internet connectivity and buy some decent router which you set up to AP mode (Netgear can do that quite nicely) and connect all devices only to this router. Btw of course it is possible to use  THE SAME SSID, if you setup the same security (like WPA2) on both and the same password your devices will log to the strongest signal. There is no interference or anything. It is not necessary to give every wifi network at home different SSID. But I would not recommend it with Vodafone router as it's performance is subpar. I have it 2 meters from me, I tried to give it spectrum which is not used by any neighbour's network and I have better signal from Netgear downstairs which is battling with many other networks. Just unbelievable.  I read so many bad reviews for the router performance on the forums, that I don't bother contacting Vodafone support because if they didn't change their mind regarding giving the access details to use your own router or if they wouldn't change their router vendor there is no point wasting time with their support.

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2: Seeker

Vodafone have been letting users use their own router for a while now. Call them up and they will give you your username and password.


I have my Amplifi router and Draytek modem working nicely now.

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2: Seeker

Replied on this forum last year and I had issues with sky boxes not talking to one another and poor connection for 10+ devices so to solve this I dug out two BT hubs and used my existing Vodafone so called router to bridge the internet to one router then bridge that to another so my WiFi devices only connect to the BT hubs and the main skybox & xboxone is wired only so the piece of rubbish I have from Vodafone does nothing but route the net to the two BT routers. 


Reading the latest posts on here I take it I should be able to ditch the Vodafone router completely and just use the two BT hubs ?!? 


+4 months left of my current contract ... definately going elsewhere next time round. 


Been paying £26 a month over a year for 38mb “fiber broadband” and I’ve never hit the 15mb mark. Shocking. Used to have quicker speeds back in the NTL days !!! 

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2: Seeker

hi - sorry if this is too late and all, but i know that the router software does allow split ssid, perhaps its an update since this post but recheck if you still cant see it.

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