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Vodafone Connect Router and Plex media server - cannot access remotely

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I've recently switched to Vodafone Connect (Fibre).


Since the switch I cannot access my Plex server from outside of my network.


  1. I've checked uPNP - its on
  2. I've checked the ports - the Plex server is listed
  3. I've added a manual port for forwarding -still does not work
  4. I've turned the firewall on / off - makes no difference

The only way I can access my Plex library is by exposing my main computers IP address to the internet by adding it to the 'static NAT/DMZ/Exposed Host' option.


I'm not sure this is the correct way to do this.  Isn't this exposing my whole IP / computer to the internet?




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We'll be happy to look into this for you. Please contact our Broadband team by calling 08080 034 515 or you can also speak to them via Live Chat.

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I called support and unfortunately I proved a little more technical for the chap to be able to help.  I was pointed to the website, that is useful (and now bookmarked), but it also did not help.


My question boils down to a few fundementals.


Currently, the only way to access Plex remotely is to move my iMacs IP address to the DMZ - this is not really acceptable.


- UPNP is not automatically opening up the ports for Plex to work.

- Turning off the firewall makes no difference

- Port Management / Port Triggering on port 32400 is not working.


So, what is going on with this router?  I had no problems port forwarding with the BT Hub, or my Netgear R7000.


I also have a simlar issue accessing my Philips Hue lights from outside my network.



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exactly the same issue here


no resolve as of yet

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Hi @markdotjames


I've replied to your other post here



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I'm having the exact same issues when trying to reach from outside the network to my Plex server at home.  Set up all the port forwarding etc.  PC is plugged into the router.  only get an indirect connection from an android phone.  Also when scanning the public IP for the ports it doesn't see them as open.

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