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Vodafone Contract WAP after updating iOS

2: Seeker

Hey guys,


Updated my iPhone SE to iOS 12.4 and as usual after rebooting once the installation was complete got the usual message about swapping to a new SIM or updated, but followed with another message saying the following:


"To get your data up and running simply connect to a Wi-Fi network and download your settings at (URL link given). If you need to remove an existing profile, head to Settings>General>Profiles and delete it by tapping 'Remove Profile' before visiting the URL above."


Referring to this message and the screenshots attached i share with you, downloaded from the URL provided on the message above mentioned, do i install these or ignore them? What is this about?


Many thanks,






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17: Community Champion

Does your phone work as before with regard to data?   If so, I think it would be safe to ignore the message.   I use Android devices and a "you'll need data settings" message is common after a system update on those, so I suspect iOS may be similar.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @sk3ptyc


Vodafone will send the automated configuration message after any update or when the SIM has been changed, the advise is to text WEB to 40127, this will update the SIM on the network. 


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