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Vodafone Employee Advantage Scheme

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Today I changed my phone plan and my wife’s to a SIM only. Both numbers are under my account and in my name. I have completed the VEA form for my number. Do I need to complete the form for my wife’s number or will she have the discount applied automatically as she is on my account? 

I will be charged the £10 membership fee. If the discount is applied to my wife’s number under my account will I be charged the £10 membership fee twice?

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17: Community Champion

Hi @Benparkinson86


When you complete the form in your name after adding your own discount, you will be able to add the additional discount by competing the form again and ticking the box for friend or family and add your Wife's details. 


As you are the Advantage member you only pay the one membership fee.


As this will be a SIM only contract, it would also be worth making sure it is an eligible plan, if the plan is already discounted or on promotion it won't be eligible for the VA.  This information can be found here: Vodafone Advantage FAQ's


I hops that helps.





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