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Vodafone complaint

2: Seeker

My Complaint is still not resolved. Reference - 1548432 
It has been more than 1 year that I do not receive text messages. Customer care found it after 1 year that not all files were properly transferred from Vectone to Vodafone. Why was the number given to me then if it was not working and I was charged for the whole service???? Also, this was found after 1 year after every month I called customer care and technical team said 'all is fine' restart phone, change phone, change sim etc etc.


Customer care and complaint system mention the issue to be resolved withing 48 hours, 5 days but nothing has happened for 1 year. A call back and false promises to get the issue fixed and compensation was promised a week back by an advisor, and there has been no response yet.

I have been in difficult times when NHS,Bank, Uber, friends, husband,family send text to me and I do not receive them at all!!

This is absolutely horrifying and just shows how long it takes for the support teams to resolve swap issues. 
I am still awaiting this to be properly escalated so I am properly compensated for lack of service for over a year
 from Vodafone and having spent almost over 20+ hours speaking to customer services team to resolve issues outside of my control.

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Hi @pb16, we would love the opportunity to look into and find a resolution for the issue with your number transfer to us. Can you contact us by Facebook or Twitter where one of our team will be able to take a closer look at this.

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