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Vodafone loss of trust

1: Seeker

I’ve just visited my local Vodafone store as my contract phone is dead - my fault. The advice was to go to a local shop specialising in second hand phones, buy one and return with it. The advisor said she would then change my contract to sim only. I did this and spent £145 on a new phone because going from contract to sim only would save me around £20 a month. When I returned to the store, they said they couldn’t do it because I’m not at the end of the contract and all I’ve got is an apology. I’m seriously annoyed; I go to the store to get advice. I have totally lost faith in the company and no one seems to want to do anything about it other than say sorry. Any suggestions? I just want what I was told I could have.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @Alhamilton


I suspect the problem here is the advisor in the store failed to look at your account before you returned with the phone purchase.  Unfortunately, as soon as your account was accessed, she was able to see that you were still in contract and would be unable to change your contract to SIM only until you were in the last month of your agreement.


If the phone came from Vodafone you would have had a 24 month warranty on the device from Vodafone, this would have covered you for any manufacturing defects but not for accidental damage which would be covered by insurance. If the phone had a manufacturing defect, the store should have recommended sending the phone for warranty repair.


This will be picked up by the team here on the forum and your comments should be fed back to the store.







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@Alhamilton The warranty on your phone will depend on the type of damage. If our store haven't recommended a repair, I'm going to assume it wouldn't have been covered. 

We'll need to access your account to have a look into your price plan and see if there's anything we can do for you. Please send over your details using the link in my private message 🙂

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