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Vodafone refusing to refund scam text charges

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Just to log my experience with Vodafone. I received a text message saying I had signed up to a football lives service at £4.50 a week. A classic scam.

I immediately contacted Vodafone as I knew that my number had not been legitimately obtained and on principle I am not going to contact a fraudulent trader.

Vodafone assured me that the payment had been blocked - hey bingo, through the payment comes. I contacted them again, the Live rep admitted that they were well aware that scammers could fake a contact and retrieve details, yet when kicking it upstairs to the superior, I got a text back that the charge was "valid and correct."

What I find particularly galling is that to get into my account, I have to go through two factor authentication simply to look at my account information, yet Vodafone know full well that third parties are able to put charges on my account without any assent from me and refuse to refund them - they have had no authentication from me at all. Clearly, whatever contract terms Vodafone try and hide behind are worthless as under consumer law a term which holds a customer liable for a service that they have not knowlingly contracted to is unreasonable.

I am not going to go through worthless dispute resolution, other posts here make it clear that Vodafone are fully aware of the problem and the money they earn through scams is more important than acting lawfully. Vodafone have had their chance to act honourably and they have blown it. I am going to gather all the relevant information and go to the police as this is a criminal fraud that Vodafone are willing participants in and party to.


Question: can anyone confirm the CEO's email address for me - is it just the usual form of Vodafone addresses? I feel that the CEO should have a chance to resolve this properly, given that his employees will not.


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

It's always an awful experience to be caught up in a subscription a person has not signed up for.


There is some good info


As far as I'm aware it's the responsibility of the merchant to refund the subscriptions not Vodafone. Some people want subscriptions hence why I assume Vodafone wouldn't have seen anything untoward.


Best advice I can give is to contact the merchant to ask them to stop and refund the monies taken.


The CEO email isn't permitted to be provided on this forum. Please Google Search and you'll come across it and or use the complaints procedure.


Of course it's up to you if you wish to act.


I'm sure the Vodafone Social Media Teams will try and help too > Contact-us-for-account-specific-queries.


I wish you all the best with this situation. 

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@BandOfBrothers wrote:


As far as I'm aware it's the responsibility of the merchant to refund the subscriptions not Vodafone. Some people want subscriptions hence why I assume Vodafone wouldn't have seen anything untoward.


I have no contract with the merchant, therefore there can be no legitimate request for money. It is Vodafone's duty of care to ensure that only authorised payments are taken.

Imagine the process for a credit card. Someone gets hold of credit card info and makes a charge. You dispute it. The credit card company can then check the authorisation. There is a contract between the credit card company and the merchant which forces them to abide by the rules. The question to me is:

What contract have the merchant with Vodafone? What conditions are placed on a merchant to provide verification that a service has been genuinely requested? What dispute procedure is there for these between Vodafone and the merchant. I have no contractual relationship with the merchant, I have no responsibility for their actions, nor should I have to ask a fraudulent scammer to kindly stop billing me. Again, I point out that simply to look at a statement, I have to provide verification that I am who I am, but here we have a third party that can generate a charge and Vodafone will not do ANY verification that the charge was validly raised. Not anything to do with their 30% cut of the transaction which makes them party to the fraud.


Do not be an aplogist for Vodafone's unlawful actions,

I'm certainly not an "apologist" for Vodafone.


Whichever avenue you decide to take I wish you well. Take care.

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The joke is tha the message that they sent is not compliant - after all suggesting that the charge I should pay is "?4.50" (yes, no pound sign) is hardly a compliant statement of the charges:


To quote the guidelines:

3.2 As a starting point, pricing information will need to be easy to locate within a promotion
(i.e. close to the access code, number or call to action for the PRS itself), easy to read
once it is located and easy to understand for the reader (i.e. be unlikely to cause
confusion). Loose or unclear descriptions of price are not acceptable, as they are
unlikely to provide a sufficient understanding to consumers of how much they are
being charged. Examples of unclear descriptions would include the following:
 ‘premium rate charges apply’,
 100ppm’,
 ‘1.50 GBP’
 ‘50p/min’

aside from the original "call fto action" was some hidden website scam.