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Vodafone rejected warranty???

2: Seeker

Basically the story is I have a 7 month Huawei p20 that suffered screen burn, the phone from day 1 has had a case and screen protector fitted so is immaculate condition.


I took it back to my local vf store and the chap said yea should be no issues you can see it's mint condition. Anyway 10 days later I get a phone call from vf repair centre saying its been internal damage that caused and supplied me a repair quote to fix.


So I said the phones never had damaged and the screen on the outside is immaculate so how's that.


Anyway there refusing to fix, can I demand it goes to the manufacturer for a report because I simply don't trust vf, think thet maybe just trying to shirk out if the warranty. 


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17: Community Champion

Although the Consumer-Rights-Act 2015 a person should approach the seller of the phone for support you can if you wish approach the Manufacturer and ask for support @Mutley2284


I believe it would be up to you to ask for your phone back from Vodafone and then engage directly with the manufacturer.

Damage insude can occur from for example a drop that's not caused any damage to the housing or the front or back of the phone because its had a case on it etc.

I'm not saying that you've dropped it but mention it as an example.


I wish you all the best with this situation. 

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