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Vodaphone late Payment in credit file

2: Seeker

My wife took out a vodaphone pay monthly in feb 2020 but cancelled it 8 days later. For some random reason she now has a late payment strikes against her name on her credit file 5 months later. She never received no bills or even when she closed the account was never told anything was due by the call centre operative. We have just contacted the call centre and a very unhelpful gentlemen has said there is £15 outstanding. We queried why wasn’t we told this on cancellation or received any bills? He said you was sent a message on the vodaphone number that was cancelled. Like seriously??

i am a vodaphone customer and this is making me want to cancel my contract. Can some one tell me how we get this resolved as this has damaged her credit file and we are meant to be applying for a mortgage. 

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17: Community Champion

Contact the Social Media team on Facebook or Twitter and ask for this to be escalated to Credit File Support.   They'll have all the details and will be able to help you.

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