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Voicemail Notifications

1: Seeker

Hi, my voicemail notification annoyingly can take a week or more to text me that I have voicemail. At work I rely on internet calling but at home I have a sure signal so can receive sms notifications via that. Back in the day I used to get a call telling me I had voicemail, is there any way of changing the notification so that happens or at least resetting so that I receive them on the day of the call when connected to suresignal?  I have checked my settings and there appears to be no option for voice calling but my notification alerts are set correctly.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @StuartM12 


You can change the way you are alerted to a voicemail notification by dialling 121, follow the prompts, I am sure it will be option 1 > 4 followed by 3 select your alert 2 for text 3 for a call, you should also be able to get an icon by selecting 4.


Further information here: voicemail 

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