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2: Seeker

In recent times I find I am paying £3 a week to something called Watchit 03308085223. I did not sign up, I don't watch videos, this is a scam, it is THEFT and Vodafone are complicit in the theft. Any other victims out there?

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17: Community Champion

Hi @mikejenks


If you did not subscribe to the service and you have been the victim of a subsciption scam, the best course of action would be to complain direct to the company and demand the return of your stolen money, this can be done by contacting the premium rate regulator, PSA on the link below where you will be able to put the sender number into the number checker to find details of the company running the service.


There is also further information from Vodafone from support on the link here :Premium Rate Services and from the forum on this link: Premium Rate Services


If you log onto your online account there are bars you can enable to stop these unawanted reverse charges to your account, the one for incoming premium rate charge to account bar incoming should stop these scammers and still enable you to use the phone for car parking charges etc.


I always advise not replying to these messages, texting back STOP or STOP all only confirms your telephone number but there are always different opinions.


Hope you get it sorted.




I have found these links for you, hope they will help getting this dreadful expensive subscription cancelled.


Watch It - Cancel Subscription

Watch It TV


You will probably also have an application for the service downloaded on your phone, I use Android but there is probably also an application for Apple




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2: Seeker

Thanks for that Ann, I'm on the case. I work in the payments industry - card fraud is the responsibility of the issuer. Vodafone issue my number, it is Vodofane who should take the responsibility of fraud like this and deal with it. How many others like me don't check the bills because we trust? That trust just went out the window :-)!  I will post how I get on ina week or so or is that too optimistic!!!!

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3: Seeker

@mikejenks is a 'Payforit' scam. These scams abuse the vulnerabilities of the 'Payforit' payment mechanism to  claim fraudulent payments from your phone account. Vodafone make no attempt to confirm that you hve consented to the payment before letting them hve your money. Vodafone are not alone in this - O2, Three and EE all operate the same system (and are part of the consortium which profit from it!). For more information on these scams visit


You do need to stop the charges, or you will be charged weekly. Don't rely on the regulator to help. They are ot an ombudsman and don't nvolve themselves in individual disputes. You are on your own. 

If you are refused a FULL refund, use the Small Claims procedure to recover your money. Any costs you incur can be added to your claim.


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2: Seeker

Thanks Paul

Chasing it through a number of avenues and getting nowhere. Thiis ought to be made illegal!



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17: Community Champion

If it's fraud, it is illegal.   In some cases, subscriptions happen because you interacted, albeit perhaps unwittingly, with a pop-up, or accpeted a "free" offer that was actually a trial period you needed to cancel before it became chargeable.   However, there is some evidence that chargeable and other texts are sent to random numbers (that's usually how you get "your recent accident" and PPI claim calls and texts).   It's not worth replying STOP to these as all you're doing is confirming that the number is in use.

If the company concerned has a UK base, you can complain to the regulator, or you may also be able to contact them direct.   Many will refund to avoid being scrutinised too closely.

Your account has a rnange of barring options that include premium rate texts and charge-to-bill.   It's unfortunately not currently possible to bar incoming premium SMS without also barring outoing ones.   This is a shame as you'll need the latter to register your car number for parking, for instance.

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