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What is your credit search criteria!!!

2: Seeker

To my suprise never been rejected any credit in 25 years. Have an outstnding crecit scoring and history with all crdit agencies, My income is regular and way above the avergae earning in the UK yet Vodafone denied me access to sim only contract for both myself and my wife. With minutes i got a contract with O2. 

You can 't genretate a set of unrealtsic measures that trips people and denies them access to mobile phone contracts, I will tell you why you denied me a contract! I opened a new current account 2 months back and I used to to obtain the credit! I could have easily used my 25 years old account and simply transferred the DB shortly after, What really fustrates me is people who folllow systems blindly!!!!!!! I will be chasing this and if necessary raise this with the FCA and regulator. You will be critised for customer not credit denial!

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2: Seeker

A few things first.


Don't get angry, it's not personal.

No one has an automatic right to credit, a company can decline you credit for whatever reason they see fit.

Ignore your credit score as it's irrelevant. No one sees this other than you.

Vodafone neither know nor care what you earn, you didn't need to tell them and it's not contained within a credit report.


Regarding your application, no human will have blindly followed procedure as no human will have had any intervention in deciding whether to give you credit, it's all automated based on a set of laid out criteria, think "Computer Says No". It may well be that opening a current acount, therby generating a hard search on your credit report got your application rejected. Maybe they have an autmatic rejection policy of anyone who has applied for credit within the last three months for example, Vodafone set the criteria and will not disclose this, no company will.


If Vodafone were a monopoly then the conversation would be different but they are not. Look on the positive side, you got a deal with O2 and may be happy there. Vodafone will have lost you as a customer for ever in this case.  Don't get angry, think of it as their loss.

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17: Community Champion

Vodafone customer services will only see an accepted or.declined application for your contract application. 

They cant tell you why.

It's best to leave a 90 day window before applying again to allow your credit File/ score to recover if you wish to apply again.


vodafone credit-checks.

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2: Seeker

But Vodafone have designed this system!!   I got a credit check accepted with O2 minutes after you decilined! Your staff admitted no issue with my credit and at some point said it is a security issue. Rest assured I will make sure your arrogant policy will be shared with everyone involved and interested . You are far from perfect and your fines history and customer service rating is the best evidence. You kidding when you say come back in 3 months 

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