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Pay monthly

When will I be refunded for an upfront payment?

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Good afternoon, 

I have tried to look into this and I'm getting nowhere. I tried to order a pay monthly phone (Huawei P30 Pro 128GB Breathing Crystal) and paid the upfront £19 cost, which was taken immediately from my bank account. I received the confirmation email telling me my order number and confirming the delivery date for the following Monday. (Order number WEB-0001000007950801
10 July 2020)


I mustn't have passed the credit checks but instead of anybody having the decency to let me know, the order is still there, not changing. I enquired and was told I would have the £19 refunded back into my bank account, yet weeks later and nothing.


Could you please tell me when I will receive it? It's only £19 but it's beyond the point. Kind regards






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17: Community Champion

If you come back to the forum here is your reply.   :Smiling:


You may find Vodafone haven't taken the money but instead your bank has gated off the funds awaiting for Vodafone to collect.

If the order isn't going ahead with Vodafone then If this is the case the funds would drop automatically back into your available bank balance.

Your banks customer services can clarify.


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Hey there!

Sorry to hear you've been out of pocket!

As @BandOfBrothers mentions, the money could be recoverable from your bank if we haven't authorised the payment our end. 

If not, give us a shout over on Social  so we can locate your account and see what's going on 😊

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