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You have had at least one account in Default or Repossession (VODAFONE LTD GEMINI)

1: Seeker

Hi Guys,


"You have had at least one account in Default or Repossession (VODAFONE LTD GEMINI)"


I've noticed this on my Cr file but I haven't been with Vodafone for at least 5 years (maybe even longer) I've tried calling Vodafone and the customer service agent could not find my details via postcode, mobile number and name.


This is the only 'Negative' on my profile and I would very much like to get this cleared up.


Anyone been through something similar with Voda and know the correct steps to get this looked into and resolved?


Thanks in advance all!


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17: Community Champion

Hi @rye637


Did you use Live Chat or ring Custoner services ?

If Live Chat then I'd suggest calling Vodafone on their landline number found in > contact-us.

They'll pass your situation onto the relevant department if required. 

Alternatively let the Social Media Team here who read all posts catch up with your post and I'm sure that they will help you with this situation if they can. 


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1: Seeker

I called,

Went through a plethora of numbers infact but managed to speak to someone in customer services in the end.

Thanks for your respose sir!

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17: Community Champion

You're very welcome @rye637

Are they on with investigating this for you ?


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Apologies for the delay in reaching your post @rye637.

Please let us know if you need any further assistance following your call and we'll be happy to help with this

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