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Pay monthly

Zinc debt

2: Seeker

I was a Vodafone customer for mobile and fibre.

I was out of my monthly contract and just paying for calls on sim only

We moved house and moved fibre. On day of move house turned out fibre install was not going ahead. On call Vodafone we cancelled and went elsewhere for fibre.

After this i moved mobile provider and got pac code and moved oct 2018.

This year i have been contacted several times by zinc chasing debt for early termination. I was on sim only so no termmination surely?

I contacted vodafone by telephone but because i could not remember security i got nowhere.  

Now zinc are threatening default on credit file for £80 odd debt that i dont owe.

Can someone help me sort this as i am about to remortgage and dont need this.



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17: Community Champion

A sim only contract does not end but instead drops onto a 30 day rolling contract so if a person then wishes to move networks they then either give 30 days notice or ask for the Pac and uses that within 30 days of issue by giving it to their new network. 


I see from your post this is the route you took via a Pac to take your number to a new network.


When the new network uses the Pac this automatically ends the contract straight away.


Vodafone then produce the last bill which takes approx 2-4 weeks to do.


This is then taken via direct debit and then a Sorry your Leaving Letter and very final £0 bill is sent.


What we see is that a person cancels their Direct Debit too soon which leaves Vodafone very little in the way of options to collect any final monies due.


If they then feel that all avenues of collection and contact has been exhausted as a final resort they sell the debt to a Debt Collection Company so its then them the money is owed to. Vodafone no longer own the debt.


This can come hand in hand with a 6 Year Default being placed on a persons Credit File to which they are not required to pre warn a person they are adding this ,which then can cause future difficulties when applying for credit. If Vodafone feel its warranted due to an unpaid bill then they wouldn't remove it.

Please let the Vodafone Social Media Teams here catch up with your thread and they'll bring you in away from the open forum to pass security checks ( which needs to be done to prove your the account  holder )and I'm sure they'll advise you officially and if deemed necessary ask their Credit File Specialist Teams to investigate the default.

I wish you all the best with this situation. 

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17: Community Champion

Early termination is the key phrase here. If the contract hadn't run for the full minimum period of a year, then you'd be liable for an early termination charge.


How long had you had the sim only contract when you used your PAC code?


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14: Advanced member

@Jeffkin the OP seems to be saying she was out of contract and is using the term "SIM only" to describe the rolling 30-day loop that all contracts revert to at end-of-term.


Is it possible that the early termination fee in question is for the broadband contract and not the mobile contract ??

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2: Seeker

Thank you for posts.

I confirmed last night with vodafone chat that the debt revolves around the broadband. 

I organised a home move for broadband. On day of move no broadband setup. Called 2 days after move to be informed it was rejected by the system. Was then told 2 weeks for it to be setup. The call handler gave me option to go elsewhere which i did. I attempted to keep my end of contract by moving fibre but vodafone let me down. I dont want to pay the early termination as i assumed they cancelled contravt then.

My account shows a negative balance on month i moved then 2 months later i get a bill and then another month payment added.

Moved house no service why should i pay when not my fault. I tried to move and the system shows this.

On chat last night vodafone confirmed this. Then i called broadband dept who after reading the chat transcript have refused to close out bill. Still in debt. Why?


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@Grumpymum I'm sorry to hear you're having problems with your credit file, after having previous issues with your broadband. I'll need to access your account, to take a closer look into this for you. 
So I can pass your details over to our Credit File Specialists, I've sent you a private message with details on how to get in touch with us. 

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