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Gold Number Sales

We’re constantly looking at ways to offer better products and services for our customers and are happy to announce our great new proposition – Gold Number Sales! What’s a Gold Number? Why get stuck with that randomly assigned number, when you can cho...

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Phil by Community Manager (Retired)
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iPhone says 4g but no connection to internet

Just bought iPhone 6 and sim only from vodafone. Phone says 4g but am unable to access internet or use iMessage. I’ve checked the settings in mobile data and all looks ok so can’t figure it out anyone help please!!!

4G Calling Replacement Phone - Samsung S8

Hi, I had an "accident" with my Samsung S8 and was replaced by my insurance company. Everything is the same apart from 4G calling doesn't work, my phone is always boucing from 3G to 4G when calls are made and I can actually see a difference in batter...

SIM Card cloned and number stolen

Today I noticed our business line wasn't working, showing as Not Registered on Network.  I contacted Vodafone but could not pass security as it appears someone had called them, changed all the registered information including my date of birth, paymen...

bassl1ne by 4: Newbie
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Alleged default on 6 year old account

Hi, I closed my one an only account with Vodafone 6 years ago and paid EVERYTHING that was due.  I was then asked to pay another £11.00, I queried this, never got an answer and was never contacted again. Now it's ruining my credit rating which was 96...

NO Response from vea application

I applied for a vea discount and verified via my work email. Yet ive heard nothing Back since. O have done this twice now to no avail.this is the second issue i have had with vea and i am starting to believe vodafone make it impossible dor the custom...

Help. Worried about order process

Hellowonder if any of you can tell me what you think. I was trying to order a sim only contract. I tried several times and got an error saying please try again. So I spoke to online chat and they said they would take me through it. I filled the form ...

tom1985 by 1: Seeker
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Cancel monthly contract

I've been on a monthly contract with vodafone for a pieroid of 24 months to may 2018. I've had issuse after issue with this network provider. Firstly I moved properity in November 2016, unfortunalty I had no internet accese for around a month, so I p...

adamaaa by 2: Seeker
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Help needed regarding Billing/Collections issue

Up until last july i was a happy vodafone customer, basically i had a Mobile phone On pay montly and a data sim also pay monthly, i decided to get rid of my tablet and keep the data sim as the monthly costs were cheaper than termination. anyway to cu...

Tried to complain

Tried to send the below complaint through the email complaint form, just cuts off when you try to send. Absolutely disgraceful!!! WiFi calling has dropped out. I have had an online chat with 2 people and 1 phone conversation. The issue has not been r...