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calls to 191

3: Seeker

Just checked my joint account and my husband gets 300mins allowance a month which he never goes over and he has been charged £14.44 for calls over that allownce ,when i checked, minutes from calls to 191 had been added !!!!! we have had to make alot of calls due to terrible service from vodafone and have been put on hold alot ,one call was for 55mins !!!! so after speaking on live chat they said they would credit our account with the £14.44 but surly that should not have been added in the 1st place and how many people get caught out by that ? Another scam ?!!! Just waiting to see if if we actually get credited with that amount now !!! 

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17: Community Champion

Calls to 191 have been free for customers on contract for as long as I can remember, probably always.


For PAYG customers, there used to be a one-off charge of 25p if you chose an option that involved speaking to an agent, but the call was free if you just used the automated parts of the service. The 25p was discontinued perhaps a year or more back. At about the same time, it also became free to call the +44 7836 number for contacting CS from abroad. This is the relevant information from the Contact Us page:


Calling 191.JPG

There is absolutely no question that any charges for calls to 191 should be refunded. You may not see any sign of it on your account in the meantime, but if the amount isn't credited when your next bill is run, you should post back here.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @jackmillie


Calling Customer Services on 191 is free, Vodafone do not make a charge.


If your Husband has 300 minutes call time, it may be worth remembering that there is a one minute minimum call duration.  If you Husband makes a lot of short calls, his 300 minutes will quickly be used.


It might be worth your Husband going though his account to see the numbers he has called with the call duration.  There is further info for you below.


Support - Monthly usage


If Vodafone have promised a credit, and this months bill has been produced, you should be able to see this on the following months bill and Vodafone should have sent a text  confirmation of the raised credit to the phone.


If you need any further help, please use live chat or come back to the forum.

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