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contract renewal

2: Seeker

I've nearly completed the contract, i seek a better price for renewal to match competition prices, please advise.

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17: Community Champion

Networks generally don't offer premium prices either for renewal or new customers.   They used to, but found that all that was happening was churn - people moving from one network to another without generating actual new business.   You will find third party sites that offer good deals for new sign-ups, but these will be new contracts rather than renewals.  As a result, you'll be taking on an extra contract with a new number and need to transfer the original one and then cancel the old contract once the new one is set up.  Next time you want a good deal, you'll need to go through the same process again.   The question is therefore, is the saving worth all the hassle?

If you have a device included as part of your contract, you should certainly look at going SIM-only if you don't want a new phone immediately and you may find that a similar tarriff to the one you're currently on has more minutes, texts and data included - prices tend to be more or less stable, but what you get will increase.

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17: Community Champion

If you call 191 and choose the Thinking of Leaving option then you'll get through to the Retentions Department @PASTY4U 

They'll be able to access your account and let you know what they can offer in the way of a tariff and new phone.

Or go to sim only if your phone is fine and perhaps save money that way or go to Payg.

Independents like Carphone Warehouse can upgrade you but be specific that you want upgrading.

Be aware tho that other discounts such as employers discount Vea is only available via direct contracts taken out with Vodafone.

You'll become CPW Customer basically with Vodafone collecting payments and supplying network connection.

Current Phone > Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G - SM9860 Snapdragon.

Samsung One Ui 3.0  / Android 11.

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