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contract terminated but my number is disconnected

3: Seeker

Hi Community!

AC No: [Removed]
Vodafone Case No: 3576477

2 Wright Place

Is there anyone reasonable who can help me, I honestly lost the will to call or fight this. I have this number since 10 years back and wish to get it back.

If you are to read/listen my communications with Vodafone customer service, you will probably feel the agony I have been through.

I have been without my phone since 4th November 2019 as a result of Vodafone's inability to adhere a simple instruction.

The issue that I have experienced was: I am a Vodafone pay monthly customer. My contract was due on October 2019. Since I got no good deal, I decided to give my 30 days’ notice and terminate my contract but keep my number as pay as you go. Very simple instruction.

On 4th November 2019 at around 10am, my services were down. I realised that my termination date is reached. “such a bad customer services that i had no notification email or any text of such termination but what do you expect.” Switched OFF my phone for couple of hours and back ON for it to refresh but nothing happened, except "Emergency calls only" on top left-hand corner of my screen.

I was unable to make calls or access my Vodafone account, so I used the online chat and one of the agent assured me that the services will be up and running in couple of hours. I waited up until 10PM and restarted my phone, yet again nothing happened. Used the online chat to find out what’s happening.

The same message, "need to wait for couple of hours for the services to get back or early next morning 5th Nov 2019", the agent raised an order request to ensure they put a priority for the move to be activated for my pay as you go services. in the meantime, I also raised a complaint through the Vodafone website [ref:3576477], email confirmation received and stated, I will be contacted by one of our customer service agents within 2 working days.. which never happened up until now [06/11/2019 16:30]

The next morning, I restarted my phone and still no services, reported this again via chat and the agent promised the services will be up and running anytime today and for my trouble they will credit £10. Amazing, over the moon…

it’s been 8 days and I still have no services, called their complaint department on multiple occasions and spoke to someone who claimed to be a manager and my services will be activated On 12th November 2019 regardless, GUESS WHAT!, it didn’t and still not.

this is how low and untrustworthy Vodafone customer services are. I just want my number back and activated. I don’t want any compensation or your apologies.

I am fuming and frustrated with their lies and treating customer like such, I have been with Vodafone for many years.

Termination initiated on: 04/11/2019 and today is 12/11/2019

This affected me because: I have no means to communicated with my family and friends and a pregnant wife.

I just want to get back my number up and running and in no way I wish to be tied with Vodafone ever again.

I look forward to your prompt response on this matter. As recommended by Trading Standards, I would like to keep a complete record of my case, so please reply to this email address.

Yours faithfully,


[MOD EDIT: This post has been edited to remove personal information please see Community Guidelines]

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17: Community Champion

There is no account access via this forum anymore @shirzai999 


Only customer service on 191 or Live Chat or the Vodafone Social Media Teams via Contact-us-for-account-specific-queries  have account access to help.


I decided to give my 30 days’ notice and terminate my contract but keep my number as pay as you go. "


From what I recall if a person reaches the end of their contract term and want to move to Payg then they don't ask for a pac or give 30 days notice to terminate the contract.


Terminating the contract would result in the number being quarantined and re issued at a later date.


Instead near the end of the contract end date they ask Vodafone to transfer the contract to Payg which takes 30 days.


Vodafone then send the final bill which takes 2-4 weeks and once paid by direct debit then a Sorry your leaving letter and £0 bill is sent.


I wish you all the best with this situation. 

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