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data activation

1: Seeker

Hi,  recently have been having issues adding data for ipad sim. Tried numerous times only to be notified after a long time that activation failed however money gone from account. Who do I contact for help? Cheers

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17: Community Champion

Hi @truroro


You may find the funds have been held by your bank and not taken by Vodafone yet.

If Vodafone don't claim the funds then it'll drop back into your bank account. Your banks customer services can confirm. 

Also sometimes there is a delay in the allowances/ credit sometimes being applied to your Vodafone Account. Please double check in a short while. 

Customer Services on 191 or Live Chat can help with your Vodafone Account. 

Is there any other ways that you can use in the interim to top up?

Current Phone > Samsung Note 9 512Gb > Model: SM-N960 Duos.

Samsung Gear s3 Frontier Watch.

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Community Champion (Retired)

I presume that the money is being taken from your Vodafone account, but the data bundle not applied? If you have a Vodafone phone, you can call 191 for help, but otherwise Live Chat is probably your best option. 

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@truroro So we can take a look into the payment in more depth, please come and speak to us over on Live Chat.
We'll also be able to help with adding on your extra data

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