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default on my credit file

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Hi All,


I was with Vodaphone last year and cancelled my contract end of last year. I had a fee which I was not 100% clear or happy on so was going back and fourth with Vodaphone to clear this. The communication was awful and I ended up with a debt collector trying to collect the money. Every time I tried speaking to Vodaphone regarding this they would say my number is no longer registered with them so they cannot look into it for me.


Anyway, I settled the £300 with the debt collector because I could not deal with the stress any longer. However Vodaphone have still put on my credit file that I have £233 in default? How can this be cleared etc? I am currently trying to get a mortgage and this is really effecting me getting one approved. I am finding this so stressful. Please can someone help.


thank you 


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Hi @blondey088, our Credit File Specialists would love to take a look at your Vodafone account and any markers on your credit file. You can speak to the team over Twitter or Facebook, all the contact details are here

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