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incorrect charges compensation - advice please

2: Seeker

Following the recent problem with incorrect data roaming charges (of thousands of pounds) the compensation is a complete joke.


Yes the charges were removed after 48 hours. Yes I got a text apology eventually but no I cannot get back those 2 days of holiday that were ruined by Vodafone . (I genuinely was ill afterwards as have had problems with incorrectly applied caps previously and was promised I'd have no further problems.) This was first family holiday in 7 years for us so it was a big deal for me. The customer services seemed to find it appropriate to laugh at my being upset on the phone.


I have tried to escalate it but get told I'm speaking to the highest complaint point. I've looked at Ombudsman options but wondering if anyone else is having any more luck in finding a solution to the distress caused by this problem and the resulting terrible customer service?


TIA :-)





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17: Community Champion

You can escalate via the complaints procedure and then if after 8 2weeks Vodafone can't / wont resolve to your satisfaction then you can engage the Communication Ombudsman after getting a Deadlock letter from Vodafone.


Also the Vodafone Social Media Teams via Contact-us-for-account-specific-queries might be able to assist before it comes to that stage @akm2019 

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8: Helper

The compensation offered will be in line with Ofcom's regulations & guidelines.  As a consumer customer and not a business, there is a clause in most  Consumer Contracts which says the network will not be responisible for "Consequential Loss", meaning they would not be legally liable for two days of holiday being ruined or any subsequent stree


There was a Network Outage on O2 last year which affected me. Because they split their bill into a Handset charge & a Service charge, they only paid out on the Service Charge for the time I was without service. They kindly rounded that up to £5.00 (!)


You may be offered a Gesture of Goodwill. If you are, my inclination would be to accept it, but only you can decide whether it's worth weighing up whether it's worth waiting up to 8 weeks for the Ombudsman  to look at the case, when they may agree with the Network.


I hope you get some sort of resolution.



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2: Seeker

Thank you. Alison.

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5: Helper

Sometimes things happen and they've probably given what is within guidelines to compensate customers as the above comment. I can imagine it was extremely stressful though, last thing you want is to see a bill like that when you're meant to be relaxing. But at least they kept you in the loop and fixed the issue is one way to look at it. All networks have hiccups - Three earlier this month had no services for 48 hours. Customers couldnt use calls texts or data. Guess it cant always be avoided! Hope you had a nice holiday anyway.

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16: Advanced member

I am not aware of what compensation they have given out for the Billing Error and Subsequent loss of Service.

Vodafone have been proactive and have removed the Charges and restored the Services.

From past experience, they will definitely refund the Daily Charge for number Days without service and add Goodwill on Top.


You have been given sound advice by several people. As long as they have Refunded you the LIne Rental for the Days you were blocked and topped it with some Goodwill, I would accept that and move on.


Been on two Camping Holidays recently in Kenya and had no Signal. It was a Bliss and did not miss anything. 




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