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miss-sold Huwaii tablet

1: Seeker

I recently upgraded my phone as i had had my previous phone for several years and thought, well.........why not. I went into the Vodafone shop and asked for an upgrade and that i wished to have a relatively Basic phone. I left with a Samsung galaxy J4, my previous phone was a J3. Anyways i signed on the dotted line and the assistant happened to mention that i qualified for a FREE tablet!! Hey i thought my lucky day. I left the store with my new phone and a FREE Huwaii 7" tablet. I had no use for it but i thought my partner might be able to make some use of it, and if not well no worries as it was FREE.

 Whilst checking my Vodafone account recently i noticed that it was at least costing me £10 more per month than i had expected?? I went into a Vodafone shop and asked to review my account as i could not understand why i was being charged more than i had expected?

  The sales assistant copuldnt have been any less interested in helping me, at times i began to feel i had all of a sudden become INVISIBLE!! Anyways it turns out that this FREE tablet that i had signed up for was in fact costing me £10/MONTH!!! ##~##!!! and the real kicker.................Oh didnt you realize that you had signed up for 2 (TWO) YEARS!!@%£$^% What!!........So the long and short of it is that this [Removed] little Huwaii tablet is going to cost me £240 over the course of the frankly outrageous 2 year contract, which by the way wasnt explained to me, never mind the tablet costing me a whopping £240. The thing is barely worth £35 NEW.

 The sales assistant basically said that she could do NOTHING in the shop, regarding lowering my monthly payments and suggested i go-----------on---------line!! to try and sort it out.

  It took me almost 20 minutes to actually speak to a real person whilst contacting Vodafone customer service department. The outcome of the call being Vodafone have upped my monthly data allowance to a WHOPPING 5gb (Previously 3gb!!) well whoopy dooo. but have said that i will have to let the contract run it's course and therer was nothing that could be done..................Oh i almost forgot, the assistant did say that for a one off payment of £160 yes real English Pounds i couls settle the balance for the Huwaioi tablet and after the payment therte nwould be no further £10 deductions Oh! and i get to keep it too.

   Vodafone i have been a loyal customer (Mug) for the past 16 years. You absoluitely STINK! Disgusting customer service and frankly totally missleading and deceitfull.

 Does anyone have any similar experiences with Vodafone?


[MOD EDIT: This post has been edited to remove inappropriate content, please see Community Guidelines]

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7: Helper



Hi there,


I appreciate the fact you have write a lengthy post detailing your problems and sympathise with you. Unfortunately all account queries are done via Twitter and Facebook now. 


I know this is very frustrating for you that you have made the effort to explain in-depth here but you will get a quick response on Twitter. I have used it myself many times. The Twitter team are available until 10pm and will even call you if the problem cannot be solved online.

Just search for @VodafoneUK on Twitter and send them a tweet. You don't have to download the app if you don't use it. You can use your browser. Alternatively there is a Twitter Lite app which does not use as much storage as the main Twitter app and I personally recommend the Twitter Lite app.


I wish you good luck sorting this out.

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17: Community Champion

Not a good Experience at all @ollyandkipper 


I've seen past posts where a person thought they were getting a tablet as a loyal customer only to find out theres a contract connected to it. This is usually via a cold call from Vodafone Sales.


As this has happened a few times it leads me to think the selling spiel of the agent isn't clear enough although on balance some people I assume don't digest anything past the thought of getting a tablet at no upfront cost. I'm not saying this is what heppend with you. 


If this was my situation I would have circumvented the member of staff and asked to speak with the Store Manager.


What should have happened is that the paperwork to support the agreement is given to a person in store if the transaction is carried out there or via email if this is carried out online. 


A person then has 14 days as a cooling off period to cancel without fees and return the device. 


After that a person is locked in for the duration of the contract unless they pay the Early Termination Fee.


If you feel mis selling has occured then please raise this via the Vodafone Complaints Procedure


This then will instigate an investigation to try and resolve this amicably.


I wish you all the best with this situation. 

Current Phone > Samsung Note 20 5G - SM9860 Snapdragon.

Samsung One Ui 2.5  / Android 10.

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