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Sure Signal/ GigaCube

A solution for Suresignal woes?

9: Established

From Computer Active magazine, 17th Nov:

Ofcom approves more phone boosters inside your home.

"Getting a decent phone signal inside your house may soon be easier after Ofcom said it will change the regulations that govern repeaters.

In 2018, the regulator approved the sale of indoor mobile repeaters, typically called signal boosters, as lon as they met certain technical requirements so they don't cause electrical interference.

These devices work best when there is a good outdoor signal that can be boosted indoors. You're allowed to install them without a licence. However, Ofcom's rules are so strict that so far it has approved only Nextivity's Cel-Fi repeaters.

To address this, in early 2022 the regulator will "increase the range of devices you can buy and use legally".  This will cover two types of device: provider-specific repeaters and multi-operator repeaters.  Both of these (sic) can amplify the frequencies of more than one mobile operator at a time. Before the change, Ofcom said repeaters could work over one network only.

It added that as well as providing more choice for people, the new rules "could also potentially bring down the cost of devices".

Ofcom will publish a list of repeaters that meet the requirements after being tested, helping to deter some manufacturers that have misleadingly claimed their devices have been approved. It won't, however, "endorse" specific devices."


A couple of things not clear there, to me, plus (a) it's not a quick solution and (b) you'd need an adequate outdoor signal first.  The Nextivity Cel Fi is also megabucks (on Amazon) and outside the means of most of us.   Still, hope for an improved future.



Happy migrant to Three Mobile


May 2021 UPDATED SureSignal information including SureSignal Switch-Off and WiFi calling options

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