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Sure Signal/ GigaCube

Broken Sure Signal replacement


@montyjames It's really disappointing to hear about the problems you're still having. 

Please advise us of this via email and I can assure you we'll get you in touch with the right team, who can help to get everything resolved.

If you do wish to raise a formal complaint via a third party, you can find how to do this here

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4: Newbie

@Colleen and @Alex, Thank you for you most recent reply. This is reply number 4 from your team in 4 weeks saying you will "help to get everything resolved" !!


You have asked me to email you regarding the problems... I have given you the issues - here on the forum, over the phone and via email ,as stated in my last forum post, I have just emailed you, what more do you want me to say?!!!!


I was told on this forum and thread on the 23rd Februay: "we'd be happy to sort out a replacement for you" and I replied exactly as I was asked via a link in a private massage filling out all of the details. I did that on the same day.





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