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Sure Signal/ GigaCube

Does anyone want a spare SureSignal?

9: Established

This may sound like a daft question, but, who knows, VF might defer withdrawing it? (not a likely scenario I know, bit some evidence - see ) and someone might need a replacement..


Anyway, I have two - one boxed completely unused and never registered, one about 3 years of service but of the more recent supply (with the new fuse) and is past the typical fail date for the original (old fuse type) one, still registered and unfortunately I can't de-register it as VF pulled the entire account and logins when I went to Three.


If nothing else, it might be therapeutic to hit one with a hammer?  😁


PM if at all interested, else I shall get a hammer out myself.



Happy migrant to Three Mobile


May 2021 UPDATED SureSignal information including SureSignal Switch-Off and WiFi calling options

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