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Sure Signal/ GigaCube

Keeping phone locked onto SureSignal rather then real signal

2: Seeker

I can't find any mention my problem, or any solutions, hopefully somone here has a sugestion.


Two weeks ago our local mast lost the ability to route phone calls and texts, the repair time for it has now been pushed back again for another two weeks, we have no land lines.


The problem I have with my shiny new SureSignal is keeping my phone locked onto it, even when it's only 2 meters away from it my Samsung S5 tends to defer to signal from the faulty tower so I can't make or receive calls without switching airplane mode on/off, tried just setting it to GSM and that does not work.


Any ideas for a resolution grealy received !!

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17: Community Champion

Hi @NobbyNomates


The Sure Signal is 3G, try selecting the preferred network mode on your phone to 3G only. 


I hope this will help with the problem while Vodafone solve the network issue.

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