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Sure Signal/ GigaCube

Large 4G speed difference at specific times

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We live in rural NE Scotland but less than 1km from a Vodafone transmitter and have line of sight. In January 2021 Vodafone sales department talked us into changing our old Huawei 4G Gigacube for the new 5G Gigacube. All was OK at first, although no improvement in speed. At best we can get about 10Mbps which is sufficient for two people working from home. In February we noticed that without fail the speed will drop suddenly and significantly (to less than 2.0Mbps) at specific times. These are (give or take 5 minutes) 08:40, 10:50 and 16:40. The slow speeds will last for 30-40 minutes before gradually returning to >5.0Mbps in the following hour. This happens on both weekdays and weekends. WiFi and LAN connections provide the same result.

Vodafone 'Gigacube technical experts' have suggested everything from resetting the Gigacube at these times every day, turning it off overnight as it 'needs to reset daily!' and checking if we have electrical appliances in the house that come at these times...which we don't. We know the Gigacube can receive 10Mbps in its current position in the house.

We never had these problems with the old 4G Gigacube and Vodafone technical support have unfortunately been less that understanding and helpful (see above). I have taken numerous screen shots of the Ookla speed test at the appropriate times as requested by a Vodafone specialist, but after 3 weeks I still await the communication I was promised which would state where these readings should be sent.

What is going on? We are paying £60 per month for a service that is not fit for purpose.

Thanks, Simon

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@SimOv Thanks for raising this with us Simon and I'm sorry to see this hasn't yet been fully investigated for you.

So we can get to the bottom of what may be causing these issues with your GigaCube at these particular times, please follow our GigaCube troubleshooting guide. If steps 1-5 don't resolve things, please can you complete step 6 to send us the details included to either of our social media channels. We can then investigate further. 

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