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Bought a brand new Motorola Razr 5G off of eBay is it locked to Vodafone?

2: Seeker

I got this Brand New Motorola Razr 5G off of eBay, the model number has VF in it, the person I bought it off said it was bought from Vodafone. Will this be locked to Vodafone? If so how do I unlock it?  


MOTO XT2071-4 GB BLK+256 DS VF is the model number, so I'm guessing VF is a Vodafone variant. 



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If this was brought as part of a contract, it will be locked to our network. As we can only unlock this for the original account holder, you'd need to ask the seller if they can unlock this for you.

Alternatively, you can register the phone to an account in your name for 30 days before requesting an unlock code through our online form. For more help and information regarding unlocking your phone, check out our frequently asked questions or video here.

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